Outside Comfort Zone

Oh goodness . . this all started back in November I think.  Maybe it was December.

I was looking online at some upcoming events hosted by Ramsey Solutions.  This one called Money and Marriage caught my eye.  The hubster and I have been learning so much these past few years, this seemed perfect for us.  The hubster did the “husband” thing.  He didn’t really say no.  He was kind of waiting to see how important it was to me.

His issue wasn’t the event itself.  It was the fact that the event was an hour and a half drive away, on a weekday, and ended around 9:30.  Yes, I get it.  So I did the “wife” thing and waited to see if he’d change his mind out of pity for his excited wife 😉

For the record, I know he would have come with me if I made him.  He’s a good sport.  And so am I.  I didn’t want to make him.  I would have loved for him to have come and enjoyed the content with me.  But he did have valid reasons for wanting to not attend.

So there it was left, no event  . . until just a few weeks ago.  I saw a Facebook post that the event needed volunteers.  Hmmm . . I could volunteer.  I would be admitted to the event for free, get a free t-shirt, be fed dinner, and get to hear the wonderful content!  I signed up!

Um . . a thing about me . . .  I sometimes rush in to things a bit.  I only glanced at my calendar.  And it turns out they were live streaming the event on a Facebook page tonight.  AND I also have a free access to watch many live stream events with the Financial Peace stuff.  *sigh*  I found that out after the fact.

No, I did not want to go tonight either.  But, I had already signed myself up.  And I was going to honor my word.  With many other things to do here at home and my wonderful family all home in the house all night with no practices or meetings, I left.

So tonight I am being thankful.  It truly was a good event with excellent speakers.  I am thankful for that!  I am thankful for the workbook that I got to bring home for the hubster and I to work thru later.  I am thankful for my awesome free t-shirt.  I am thankful for my free dinner – I even ate a GREEN sandwich roll thing.  This is an amazing thing for me (eating something green) . . and it did taste good too.

I met some very nice people tonight.  And I got a renewed respect for the behind-the-scenes people for these events.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the working side of something that hosted over a thousand people.  It’s good to be reminded of what goes in to something like this!  Yes, I am thankful for this evening.  I would have rather been streaming the event at home, on the couch, in my jammies, with my family.  But leaving the house and doing something outside my comfort zone was good too.  I am thankful for this evening.  It was good.



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