New Things

We have almost made it to the end of the week!  Yay!  Hooray!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!  I am going to learn some great new things from some knowledgeable industry speakers!

In the past few weeks I have been trying to remember everything I’ve learned at the beginning of 2017.  When business goes crazy, it is easy to forget to set healthy boundaries.  It starts off innocently at first.  Well, with one busy week I’ll just do the extra work, no problem.  There there’s another busy week, then another one, then another one, and another one.  Until I turn in to a work zombie who forgets her own name.

Nope, not any more!  I’ve put a lot of good practices in place since last year.  I need to keep those things!  And I need to learn more – enter tomorrow’s event!

Tonight I am thankful for always learning better ways!  There is always more to learn!  And I hope tomorrow is filled with wonderful new things!

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