One thing that I’ve learned over the past 13 years of having my own business is that I’ve done a lot of things the wrong way.  I’ve also done a lot of things the right way, so I’m pretty ok with it in the big scheme of things!

Having the right tools from the beginning would have saved a lot of grief.  I don’t like regrets, so I’m really not going back that way.  But, I am trying to learn as much as I can to make things better now!!

Today’s Business Boutique was fantastic!  I was very blessed to bring two women with me to hear the inspiring messages delivered in a jam-packed day of information!  One of those women happened to be my daughter.

I was sitting there in this room listening to these inspiring people.  They were speaking to the fears and the mis-beliefs shared by so many people!  I was letting it sink in, just how impactful this message could be to teenagers.  I mean, could you imagine?  This was not an assembly in a gym.  This was successful and motivated people standing up there sharing their failures and their fears and letting the audience know that this was all normal!  That this was not where you stop in life, but where you start!  Then I looked over at my daughter.  She was hearing this.  My teenager was hearing this.  What an awesome place for her to have come to!

Tonight I am thankful that taking guests to a seminar about businesses ended up being a powerful seminar about not only business, but also about life!  Yes, make a business plan.  And no, don’t give up.  Don’t give in to fear.  Don’t give up because of a failure.  Be unapologetically yourself and become who God intended for you to be!  I am thankful to have been there today!

The sign below says “Fear isn’t a sign you’re doing something BAD, it’s a sign you’re doing something BOLD.”


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