We do not do big birthday parties every year for the kids.  At age 5, each kid got to have a big party.  And at age 10, each kid has now gotten to have a big party.  We haven’t decided on the next party age.  But the 5 and 10 thing has worked quite well.  For all other birthdays, the kids get to pick a fun thing to go do (that we normally wouldn’t do) and they get to invite a friend.

Well, this year was a big 10-year-old party.  And this 10 year old has been planning this party for at least 6 months.  I had to remind him to be polite at his sister’s birthday and his brother’s birthday; when he wanted to talk about how it was going to be on his birthday.  Even Christmas!  Every celebration in this house in the past 6 months has had this child planning his birthday party.

This party idea has morphed several different times in to several different things.  The idea that won out was a Nerf Gun Party!  When he first suggested it, it sounded promising.  But, we certainly couldn’t have mobs of kids running around my house shooting each other.  Someone would most likely get hurt!  We have too many walls and too much furniture!  The Community Center was perfect!  There were big open areas with tables to turn in to shelters and lots of space!

Tonight I am thankful that after months and months and months of ideas, my ten-year old’s birthday party lived up to his expectations!  Everyone had fun!  The pizza arrived at a good time for the kids to take a break.  And they still had more time to run and shoot each other!

P.S.  I am also thankful that the Dollar Tree has eye goggles for cheap 😉


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