I’ll admit it, I’ve been lacking on peace lately.  Family schedules have been busy.  Work has been busy.  And it seems that when these busy seasons hit, I tend to forget simple practices that help keep the peace.

So this week’s goals include:

1) Meal planning.  Dinners are listed and posted in the kitchen.

2)  To-Do Lists.  Every morning a list will be made and prioritized.

3) Cutting constant contact with my phone.  This is difficult sometimes because I know it affects my business and therefore my bottom line.  But it is picking away at my peace.  There is nothing wrong with letting the stupid thing go off for 50 minutes and answering everything in 10 minutes.

4) Bedtime.  I have to keep a bedtime.  This can be difficult when I know I can finish so much while others sleep.  But it costs me my sleep and my peace.

5) Why am I waiting until #5 to write this?  Prayer.  Every morning to start my day.  Every evening to end my day.  And multiple times throughout the day.  The busiest of times never seem so busy when I put God in charge instead of trying to do it all myself.

6)  Have a plan.  That’s it.  Here’s my overall plan.  But a plan helps.  A plan gives a person something to measure against when the world is chaotic.  So I’m not walking in to an unknown week this week – although the week will have unknowns.  The plan can be amended to meet the unknowns . . but there will be less unknowns with a plan in place.

Tonight I am thankful for a plan for the week.  I will be honest, I don’t feel any different right now.  I am still tired.  I still want five more days of weekend 😉  But I know I won’t get lost in the week this week.  No, I will stay on the plan.  So even if I seem busy, it will be intentional and have direction instead of feeling pulled all over.

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