Don’t Scream.  Don’t Scream.  Don’t Scream.

I am repeating this to myself right now.  I COULD have finished all my work by the stroke of midnight and have nothing technically “late” for today.  Could have . . if my computer wasn’t being a big ole’ butt head!!!  Well, it’s not my computer I guess.  It is one program.  One stupid, stinkin’, program holding up my progress.

*deep breath*

I’ve done a few google searches to try and fix this stupid thing.  I am currently deleting what I was doing (frustrating!)

Nope, that didn’t work.

I’m going to try one more thing.  Then I’m giving up on this file until tomorrow when someone from tech support (I’m sure like a level 3) can keep me from losing my marbles.

So tonight, in the midst of frustration, I am thankful for all the times when my computer and software work correctly!  Most of the time, my system does pretty well.  I’ve got a pretty good system here.  Most of the time.  So I won’t let this one little incident get me down.  Nope, I’ll be thankful for the good times . . . and I’ll do a few more searches to see if I can fix whatever happened during my “update” that is causing my frustration!


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