Play Ball!

The hubster and I were just having a talk the other day about how the kids are almost all old enough to not be free anymore (you know, like the 10 and under free signs).  Just yesterday a woman with a petition thought that my oldest could VOTE!  Hmph!

Everything multiplied by six people can get pricey.  But do you want to know what is completely awesome?!?  It is completely awesome when a friend calls and asks if we would like six free tickets to go with her and her clan to a baseball game!  And this event gets even better when there is a helicopter (Yes, a HELICOPTER) that is flying in to throw candy on the baseball field, and the kids get to run out and collect the candy!  What an awesome time!

Tonight I am thankful for enjoying an afternoon with an awesome lady, her family, my family, lots of candy, and a little baseball too!

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