Yard Work

One of the beautiful things about our house is a big, brick patio.  I’ve loved the patio since we first moved in.  Last year we gave up on patio maintenance.

It’s been a few years now since the basement flooded and we had to remove all the basement finish.  Within a year we had installed a new basement waterproof system.  We had put some things back in to the basement, with the new system.  But, the moisture level stayed fairly high in the basement.  We had the gutters re-done and extended water away from the home.  The moisture level stayed high in the basement.  Some of the items we had put back in the basement were now ruined.

We redid the back porch.  We redid the front porch.  And sadly, this year we are going to redo the big, brick patio.  The kids and I went out this morning and pulled up a good-sized chunk of bricks.  This is going to be a sad project.  But a necessary one.  Over the years the bricks have settled at an angle to pool water back to the house.  And a big tree’s roots have wreaked havoc to the patio as well.

Tonight I am thankful that a very nice family is taking the bricks to their house to build another wonderful patio!  It is nice knowing the bricks will be making someone else a relaxing, outside hang-out space.  I am also thankful that we have plans to still have a beautiful patio space when we are all done . . just looking a little differently and keeping the basement nice and dry!


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