Tomorrow is set to be a busy day.

That’s not a problem.  I can handle a busy day.

Do you know what makes it even more difficult?  When my internet keeps timing out so I can’t get anything ready for tomorrow!!!  GRRR!!

So, I’m not going to complain.  I want to.  Believe me.

Instead, I will head to bed early and hope that this is better by morning.  I’ve left a message for my internet company.  They actually really suck with any service outside of normal business hours.  So . . tomorrow will be run on caffeine and “Plan B”.  Or maybe it won’t.  Maybe I’ll wake up and everything will be running smoothly?

Tonight I am thankful that incredibly slow internet is an inconvenience, but that is all it is.  The world will keep turning.  Life can still be good.  I will be thankful that inconveniences come and go; but never have to define a day in life.

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