Part Two

Last night I had called the after-hour service from my internet provider.  I do know from past experience that the after-hour service SUCKS!  Like seriously, I know more about how my internet systems works than they do.

But I had called anyway to see if maybe, just maybe, I’d get lucky.

Well no, they were no help.  I had excused myself politely (and before I got mad) and got off the phone call when I realized that I was getting nowhere.  This morning I did get a call back from the actual people who work at the internet company.  It turns out that I can buy a bigger internet plan and then I shouldn’t have problems anymore.  *sigh*  But, of course.

So, after being with this company for over 5 years, my plan is no longer going to be good enough.  *double sigh*  So then the big question . . how much more do I want to spend?

I picked a new plan.  And if this doesn’t work well, I can move up again in plans.  Right now I’ve added just $15/month.  The next move would be adding a total of $30/month.  That one should be considerably faster.  I should have just jumped to the $30/month plan right now.  I mean, I waste more than that per month on take-out when I could cook at home.  BUT, there is the point that my old plan was good enough for five years, FIVE YEARS!  And now to get the same service, I need to pay more, so I’m not jumping on the $30 plan just yet . . simply out of principle!

Tonight I, of course, am still thankful that this is just an inconvenience.  I know this truly is not a real problem.  I am thankful that of all the things that could be wrong, at least there was not a big equipment incident that would knock the internet out for days and days.  This is actually pretty simple and not super-expensive, relative to other monies spent in this house.  And I am thankful that there are options.  Who knows . . I may end up with an internet so fast that I’ll burn thru another keyboard!!!

**This is my annoyed look when having to pick a new internet plan . .


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