There is a perspective that I endeavour to always keep in life.  It started with a sermon that I heard as a teenager.  The sermon was talking about spiritual warfare and how we cannot always see what is going on.  Kind of like (my favorite) Footprints, the poem.

But the way the sermon went, was describing how we get tired and we feel like we are failing.  But we can’t see the whole picture.  When  someone is exhausted and drags themselves across the finish line of a long, physically draining race; we can see that.  We can comprehend what that person has went thru.  But when the opposition isn’t so physical, we lose sight.  We feel the dragging.  We forget or can’t see that we are so close to the finish line, or maybe that we’ve already crossed it.

You feel like you’ve failed.  But more than likely, you have no idea how great of an attack the devil was launching against you.  Without seeing what was thrown at you, you don’t acknowledge how victorious you are for simply not falling down with all that was pressing against you.

I have held on to that.  It is true.  We don’t know.  We can’t see.  See yourself as victorious for still holding on.  Hold on to faith that you are victorious – whether you feel it or not.  Hold on to hope that the you are staying the course, even if you are crawling.

Tonight I am thankful that the book says that we win 😉  Sometimes we feel like we fail.  But, we never fail with God on our side.  He doesn’t see it that way, he knows the big picture.  And if he says we are winners, then I believe him 😉



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