5 Times Blessed

I have a great team that I work with.  I really do.  I was counting my blessings just today.

On my appraisal side, I have two team members that keep me from working myself to death.  (I tend to overwork myself)  I took on a bit too much this week.  Both ladies are stepping up to help bail me out!  (P.S. when I showed the hubster tonight what workload I had taken on, he said I was grounded!  Hmph!)  I am working towards improving on this time management thing . . it may very well be a life long journey!

On the real estate brokerage side, I have two team members that truly care about people.  I’ll be honest, when I started the brokerage I knew I wanted good people; but I hadn’t quite differentiated the difference between “good” and “caring”.  A good person call sell a house.  A good and caring person will sell the right house, to the right person, at the right time!  And that is what I want our brokerage to be known for.

Looking to the future, I soon will be blessed with one more who has such a heart for people and the community!  Besides the way she talks, I can see the passion in her eyes when she talks.  I love that spark and energy!  This future endeavour will need a lot of that!

Tonight I am thankful for being so blessed in my work life with wonderful people who have wonderful hearts, good work ethics; and great tolerance for my crazy ideas and sometimes short attention span 😉

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