Surprise Budget

I have been loving being a part of the Financial Peace class in town!  We have some weeks to go still.  Truly, there is a different dynamic to being in a group of people who are looking down the same path as you are.  And this remark is coming from someone who is not naturally a “group” type of person!

I’ve had all this financial planning and budgeting and goals and steps swirling around in my head.  It is exciting!

Theeeeen today . . . I was at a foreclosed home.  And the people who lost the home had written their budget on the kitchen wall.  Now, I have been going in foreclosed homes for years.  I have seen some strange things!  This is the first time I’ve seen a budget on a wall!  I was kind of excited!!  These people were (hopefully “are”) trying to get on a plan!

Some people think that when someone loses a house, that they are irresponsible or lazy or neglectful . . I can tell you that is simply not the case.  Dave Ramsey talks about when he filed for bankruptcy, a woman at his church told him that he needed more faith and that wouldn’t have happened.  He said he laughed at her and said that faith was all he had left; they took everything else!  Perspective is always very important!

Tonight I am thankful for hope and dreams!  No matter where you are at and what you’ve been thru; you can turn things around!  You just need a plan, self-forgiveness , and a whole lot of grace!


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