Last Week!

Tomorrow is the second to last weigh in day for the Healthy Habits challenge that I am a part of.  This past week, to step up my game, I have been doing a “cleanse”.  Who else has done one of these before?  I had.  Once, many years ago.

It has made my tummy rumble ridiculously.  My work is thankfully not around people too much.  Thursday night at our Financial Peace class, it was loud.  Very polite people in the class did not point it out.  It was embarrassing nonetheless!

This morning I stepped on the scale – I’ve been trying not to be paranoid about this!  I am happy to report that this cleanse is working!  This may be just the thing needed to help boost me up in the contest ranks!!

Tonight I am thankful that the cleanse is working!  This week will be difficult!  This week has three days of field trips and the last day of school!  I must stay determined!!  I can do it!

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