OMG, I am a sucker for Freebies!!

The Lansing Women’s Expo?  My girls and I go there every year for the freebies.  It’s true.  We usually actually purchase maybe one thing, or a snack.  But mostly, it’s to Oooh and Aaah over shiny things and collect freebies.  We have fun 😉

Today I went to an Expo that had waaay more freebies than I was expected!  I received one regular reusable shopping bag and one insulated reusable shopping bag.  And both of them were more than half full!  I did purchase two things.  The rest were all free!  Some of the freebie highlights include an umbrella, a foam finger, and a full size measuring tape!  There was loads of good stuff!

Along with the freebies, there were several guest speakers.  Speaker #2 on the line-up was wonderful!  He could have made the whole event worth it alone!  Very fortunately, he didn’t even have to carry the event.  Because there were other good speakers too!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful Expo today!  It is hard to kick one whole day off-limits on the calendar.  Especially during the first week the kids are off from school!  But I am glad I went!  I learned a lot!  And I got a lot of good freebies 😉

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