I have been working on our budget for summer activities.  I like to find deals for summer stuff!  Well, I like to find deals for everything anyway; but it is just easier to enjoy a summer activities when it is budgeted for and costs less than retail!

So, I’m on the search!!  Several years ago I had stumbled across Tiger tickets for considerably lower prices that also included a hot dog and a drink.  True, we seemed close enough to have been able to reach out and touch the scoreboard.  But, it was fun nonetheless!  That year I took my son and two of his friends.  This year we are taking the whole family!  So I am looking for that deal again!  And if I can’t find it; at least I did find when the cheapest tickets are for the cheapest games!

We are also thinking of an amusement park this summer!  Michigan’s Adventure has cheaper tickets if you go by the end of June.  So, we may do that.  I have a coupon somewhere around here for them too . . it seems like it was a weird coupon . . like on a can or cup or something.  That would be a fun trip!

The thing still in it’s planning stages is our big family vacation!  We had plans for Pictured Rocks.  And we will still go some time.  But, I had not previously looked at the prices to ride a boat or rent a canoe.  Ouch!!  So, we are planning our own little tour of Michigan!  We have a few places in  mind that we want to stop at.  But we also want to find little known, interesting places.  It will be fun!

Tonight I am thankful for making summer plans!  We are going to have a chat with the kiddos.  The more backpacks with snacks and drinks that we carry with us, the more things we can do this summer!  Snacks and drinks multiplied by six people for a day or two out of the house, could fund a whole separate excursion on another day!!  And we want all the excursions we can fit in!

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