The Remaining

If you are against guns, don’t read this blog.

A horrible creature has been killing my chickens for the past week.  We’ve lost over 10 hens, including my favorite hen.  Two nights ago I heard a chicken screaming and ran outside.  I scared the raccoon off the chicken and the chicken lived.  But I didn’t have a gun . . so the raccoon lived too.

Last night we locked all the chickens in the chicken room in the barn.  That place is close to Fort Knox.  Close, but not Fort Knox . . there was one little area that I didn’t know about.  Only a few inches wide, the a&#^()_$ raccoon got in there.  I had just fallen asleep last night when I heard the hubster yell to me.  In my sleepiness, I listened and heard a chicken yell.  I jumped out of bed and ran outside in my bare feet with a Maglite flashlight.  I opened the door and the chickens ran out in to the night.  And there he was.

I stood in the doorway, hoping he wouldn’t charge at me since I had nothing but a flashlight.  I did reach out and grab a shovel that was leaning against the barn.  I waved it at him a few times.  The hubster got his gun and came out with good timing.

The raccoon is now dead.  The chickens are safe.  Their pen is fixed.  I am still sad though.  At this house, our animals are pets.

Tonight I will be thankful for the chickens that are still alive.  I will be going to the farm store soon.  I hope they still have baby chicks.

Here is a rooster snuggle after saving his life.  Did you know roosters snuggled?



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