People Not Like Me

I am naturally a person who wants to do everything myself.  If I don’t know how to do it; then I am going to figure out how!  This can be a good thing in life!  This can also be a bad thing in life.  I have made things a little more difficult for myself on several occasions by being stubborn and not asking for help.

In recent years, I really have been looking at this and working on it.  Every person has different gifts in life.  It is nice to see the variety of gifts!  It is extra nice to let people shine in those gifts!  My stubbornness never comes from a place of wanting to steal someone’s thunder; it is just a stubborn self-reliant kind of thing.

Today I had an opportunity to sit back and watch someone do a job so much better than I ever could!  It was great to watch!  It was extra cool for me because it is a Real Estate Agent / Property Manager that works with me!  And it was with a gentleman that I have tried to talk with and the past and simply can’t seem to communicate effectively with.  But today, was cool to witness!

Tonight I am thankful for being surrounded by people who excel at things that I struggle with!  On my team I have four talented ladies!  The one mentioned above who is great with being forceful with difficult people; one who is excellent at explaining and relating to people; one who is waay more organized than myself, and one whose patience with last-minute requests is next to a saint’s!

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