Cheep Cheap

We debated about new chicks.  The hubster was good with our remaining flock.  Me.  . . not so much.

But, I was debating internally.  Did I want more chicks?  I can’t guarantee that they will be safe forever.  It is sad to get attached to animals and have them die.  Did I want to do that again?

Yes.  I decided on yes.  I sent the hubster a text today.  He was ok with adding more.

I called the farm store.  They still had chicks available.  So, the kiddos and I were off to the farm store!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had slightly older chicks on sale!  What could be better than new chicks?  New chicks on sale of course!!

Tonight I am thankful for our new additions!  I am also thankful that they were cheap!  Get it?  Chicks . . cheep, cheep, cheap, cheap 😉

P.S.  The food and water were cleaned right after this picture was taken!


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