I’ve went back and forth about writing this blog for almost a week now.  Mostly because I have a teenage daughter who reads my blog.  So I will preface this blog with a few disclaimers:  #1) What I am about to write about is NOT for growing teenage bodies!  Growing bodies have very different needs than a fully grown adult body. #2) I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be.  I’m just sharing what I’ve been doing.  Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

With that out-of-the-way, here we go.  Several years ago, maybe about 5, my body seemed to have become a traitor.  Hypothyroid crap, a tumor, a metabolism that somehow seemed to have become a sloth.  I researched and found some natural things that helped quite a bit.  Then my search for answers slowed.  At least things were better for me.  Although they weren’t how they used to be.  I had a hard time believing that after a certain age my body just forgot how to operate!  Of course, that is what people say.  I grew increasingly tired of the comments of “it sucks getting older”.  I’m not that old people!!  Seriously!

So, I’ve been paying attention to different things.  And slowly learning about different things.

I’ve always been a touch of hypoglycemic.  I found things that were triggers and tried to stay away from them.  After starting intermittent fasting a few months ago, this has pretty much disappeared from my body’s radar.  That part is crazy because I’ve realized that this was always an issue with my body, even as a kid.  I just didn’t know it then.  I thought that was how everybody felt from time to time.

I’ve been learning about fasting.  Like, complete fasting except for liquids.  I’ve been amazed with what I’ve found.  There are people who have had wonderful results . . lots of people!  Here is an article that I read that made pretty good points:

So last week I did it.  My last meal was a Sunday night.  I did not eat again until Thursday night – pretty much then because I had promised to bring pizza for our last Financial Peace class.  I was amazed at what happened.  I was not hungry during those four days.  I had plenty of energy.  It actually felt like I had more energy than I had previously.  And it felt down right empowering to be able to say that I did it and it wasn’t miserable!

Here’s my thoughts:  I spent years thinking that my body had become a traitor.  What if it hadn’t?  What if I just never gave it a chance to do what it needed to do?  Even with the intermittent fasting, I was still putting food in to my body that my body had to process.  My body did not need that to survive.  And, like the above article talks about, I never gave my body a chance to do a natural process of autophagy.

Will I be fasting again?  Oh yes, definitely.  Only for a few days at a time.  Some people do like 20+ day fasts.  I do not have plans to do that.  Currently I am excited for my next fast!  I really felt good doing it.  And I am excited to see long-term effects of this.  I wonder just how “normal” my metabolism and my thyroid can be when I simply leave them alone to heal!  My body healed a torn ligament that was almost completely severed.  It has healed broken toes.  It’s healed too many scrapes and cuts to count.  All these things my body did on its own . . yet I somehow lost faith that it could heal other things if I left it alone to just rest and heal.

So again, this story is no way relevant to any growing body!!  This is not starvation.  This is not an eating disorder.  This is not trying to lose weight quick.

This was simply something that, after much research, made sense for me to try.  So I did.  And I was impressed with the results!

Tonight I am thankful for trying a fast.  When I first considered this, I told myself and the hubster that there was “No Way” that I would do it!  I mean, I have children in this house.  And I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea about food!  But then I thought, maybe I’ve had the wrong idea about food.  Maybe the wrong idea is to force feed yourself because a meal chart says you should eat . . I’ve known for quite some time that my body does not require what a meal chart says it should have.  And I’ve known for quite some time that my body does not want to eat when a clock says that is should.

Maybe teaching the right idea about food is to teach healthy decisions that are made with lots of research and reading.  And not making an idea because that is the “way you are supposed to”.  I’ve never been a fan of the “way I am supposed” to do anything.  Why should eating be any different?  And why should this be so taboo that I want to hide it from my children?  Maybe instead, we’ll talk about it.  And they can learn and do their own research, and make wise choices for their own bodies.

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