There has not been an abundance of sleep in this house the last couple nights.  We have an adorable new puppy that thinks it is fun to sleep all day and whine all night!

Today we took him in for his first vet appointment!  My favorite vet (if you are reading this) is about a half hour away.  I caved and we went to a closer vet.  I’m sorry Favorite Vet!

Our little nugget is 4.5 pounds.  He was very scared to be at the vet’s office and hear bigger dogs barking.  All the people loved him and said how adorable he was!  But all the attention didn’t calm him down any.  He does love to snuggle and he needed extra snuggles at his appointment to feel better!

He was quite wore out from his whole trip.  But, the kids pitched in and tried to keep him awake all evening!  We are hoping for more sleep tonight!

Tonight I am thankful that the new puppy is healthy!  And I am thankful that the constant waking him up this evening may have paid off!  He is sleeping soundly for the time being!



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