I can’t remember ever being one of the first ones in line for a “Grand Opening” where I received wonderful give-away items.  I may be forgetting something.  But I really don’t think I have ever been one of the firsts.

This morning was the official Grand Opening of the Dollar General in our small town.  The first 100 (or something) people received a reusable shopping bag and a cup.  The first 50 (or something) people received a $10 gift card to use in the store.

In this morning’s craziness of preparing for the Expo, I was thinking we would skip the Grand Opening.  But, I had told the kids about it and they wanted to go.  We don’t live far.  So I took a brief pause from my Expo-preparations and we drove to the store.  There was a line outside the store when we pulled in around 8:01 am.  The store opened at 8.  Even with the line, we were still in the first group to get a gift card!  And when we checked out, we received the reusable bag and the cup!

Tonight I am thankful for “first in line” freebies at the grand opening this morning!  I greatly enjoy free stuff!  And we used the gift card for snacks that we ate during the Expo!  It was great timing!

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