Run Away

This week was successful.  I will say that rather than busy 🙂

I’ve been tracking my work time again.  I have a newly recharged interest to maximize  my efficiency and process with work.  However, just like last time I did this . . it is a little depressing to see my work days in number.  Right now though, there will be extra hours put in to improve current processes and maintain current workload.

Tomorrow morning I will be up early for the Outdoor Expo and More at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason.  Ethos Real Estate West has a booth there.  I am not 100% ready.  Maybe 50%.  I should have come home after my last appointment and prepared.  But I didn’t want to!

Instead, the hubster and I ran off and saw a movie!  Ocean’s 8 is currently playing at the Sun Theater in Williamston.  It was sure nice to sit down and relax with my phone on silent for a bit!

Tonight I am thankful for running away this evening and seeing a movie!  Now, I’m off to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.  BUT, it was totally worth it to run away and enjoy a relaxing movie with a big tub of popcorn!

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