The internet has informed me that today is National Selfie Day.

So here is my participation.  I held the camera up as I relaxed in the chair and watched my family and the puppy.

I hope everyone took a selfie today!  Or I hope you didn’t, if you don’t like selfies!  Really I don’t think the day means much.  So either way, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine 😉

Tonight I am thankful for silly “national” days to remind everyone to lighten up and have a little fun in life.  I did NOT carry around my umbrella on National Umbrella day though . . that was taking things a little too far!  (Actually I don’t know if there is a National Umbrella Day.  It was written on a board at my tax accountant’s office earlier this year and they told me that they made it up for fun on a rainy day!)



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