This is the last week of my son’s first job!

He is learning several valuable lessons with this!

#1) Sleep is important!  He has noticed already the difference in effort that he puts forth when he has slept enough or not slept enough.

#2) This is a fantastic job because he gets paid based on his production.  On a day where he really didn’t try very hard, we sat down with a calculator and figured out how much money he missed out on.

#3) Cash.  Can we just say that one word?  He is seeing what it is like to make his own money.  And more than just what he makes here at home.

#4) He is learning how important it is to get a reliable ride to work.  His ride so far (Me!) has not been very punctual!  Thankfully this job isn’t one where he gets marked down for being late.  But, me adding this in to my morning routine has not been the most successful.

Tonight I am thankful for my son’s first job!  May these lessons grow and stick with him for many years to come!

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