Little Things

Little things can get to you, or they can brighten your day!

I was getting fairly irritated in here.  I was on tech support for about an hour and a half total, with a few breaks in between.  This was supposed to be an easier day!  I wasn’t supposed to be still working past dinner time tonight!

My family sat down to eat dinner.  And I was still in here working with tech support.  Then my children brought my dinner in to me while I was still working with tech support.

Finally the issue was resolved.  It took a lot of time and a team of tech people.  *sigh* So much for my easier day.

So, I’m in here typing and working.  I finished a file and went to staple my papers.  My staple is pink.  My daughter decided that I needed more “fun” while I’m in here working.  So she painted my staples for me.  I have colors and sparkles now on my staples 🙂  That one little staple made the tech issue frustration vanish in an instant.

Tonight I am thankful for little things . . the good little things!  And I am thankful for the reminder that the not-so-good little things are still little . . and not worth ruining a day over!


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