I get asked sometimes why I have two businesses.  I’ve spoken on it a little here in my blog.  But a day like today really puts it in perspective.

Today I have been working on appraisals.  I like doing appraisals.  I have held my appraiser’s license longer than my broker’s license.  I like houses . . like just houses themselves.  I like seeing the vast differences out there.  My brain has always done numbers well, although they don’t hold the biggest interest for me.  So I can do the market analysis and the number side of this business well.  But as an industry, I started listening to people who had been in this profession for a long time; they are rarely happy.  People generally only contact an appraiser after a report is done, when they want to complain.  Just this week I had a man explain to me how he thought I should do my job – his home couldn’t possibly be worth what I had proved in a 40+ page report, so he had to tell me how I should have done it. Yep.  Glad he told me.  Geesh, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years – *note the sarcasm here!

So I like actually mechanics of appraising homes; but the job satisfaction rating on a feel-good level are fairly unimpressive.  Que the brokerage!  I had my Salesperson license for years.  And for years I only really helped family and friends.  Then this realization hit that my appraisal business would never be something that just made me ecstatic.  So the brokerage became a goal.

Now I have an absolutely fantastic team that shares the same love of helping people!  The helping people is priceless!  Tonight for example, after 10:30 I received an email with an offer on a home.  I’m in here so excited for my clients!!  This is amazing timing for my clients!  At my brokerage, we don’t just sell houses; we help people with their dreams!

So why two businesses?  One is good for my head – appraising.  One is good for my heart – the brokerage.

Tonight I am thankful for the wonderful gift that God has given me, of being able to have multiple businesses!  I am thankful for the wonderful people who God has crossed my path to join my team on both business sides!  And I am super thankful for the next opportunity that is in process right now!  This next facet of business will be the one that is good for my soul ❤


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