Surprise F-150!

When your flame runs low, you have to figure out how to relight it!

This goes for anything.  And right now I’m talking about our financial walk with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.  We were doing so good one year ago!  We totally were!

Then we made a decision that was off from our plan.  Then we made another one.  Then we made another one.  Each decision away from the plan was going to be “just one”.  We were going to go right back to the plan after that decision.  *sigh*  You all know how that goes.

Several months ago we were moving back on track.  Financial Peace online, a couple of live events, leading a Financial Peace class, and listening to the podcast, have helped.  But do you know what helps the most?  Decisions.  Making good decisions.  Because at any point, we as human beings get to just decide to do things differently – and then move in that direction.

Tonight the hubster shocked me.  Like, seriously SHOCKED me!  So folks, it looks like we are selling the hubster’s truck!  If anyone is interested in a really sweet blue F-150 supercrew 4 wheel drive, shoot me a message.

Here’s the thing – when I first read Dave’s book a few years ago, the hubster thought I was a little crazy.  He always thinks I’m a little crazy, so that was nothing new.  But then he started listening to the stories of these people who changed their lives and changed their children’s lives. And he started to believe that this is possible.  He has been beside me on this journey.  But this surprised me for sure!

Tonight I am thankful for the hubster’s offer to sell his truck to help catch us back up from our decisions last year.  My heart is smiling tonight at his dedication to our pursuit of Financial Peace and changing our family tree!!


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