Good Kind

I like this kind of tired.

My normal tired is from working 10+ hours a day and life stuff.  Today’s tired is way better!  My girls and I went out this morning for a birthday breakfast.  Per the birthday girl’s request we then went exploring in Old Town.  P.S. We may have had a wee bit of fun in the popcorn store!  We did a little shopping and a little sight-seeing.

Back home, we went out for a quick stop at the lake!  We couldn’t be too long, we had a birthday dinner and cake to get to!  Birthday spaghetti and chocolate milk were delicious!  Singing Happy Birthday to my girl and feeding her cake were heart warming!

Everyone even stayed awake for the family movie!  Although everyone were looking pretty tired!

Tonight I am thankful for a great birthday for my girl!  She looks tired!  I asked her how her day was and she said she was tired!  I am thankful for the good kind of tired from a fun day in the sun!

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