Do you ever have a thought . . a hopeless thought.  It rattles around in your head for a while.  Then there’s that moment – the moment you say it out loud.  And in that moment, it becomes a little more real.  In that moment you either let that hopeless thought dash your dreams OR you decide that you won’t let it dash your dreams.

I was there not long ago.

We’ve been on our Dave Ramsey baby step journey for a while now.  And I had made a goal.  A goal to pay off our house by a certain date.  It was a goal for awhile.  But then, I started looking at our mistakes.  We had made some not-so-great decisions.  They weren’t “Bad” decisions.  But they weren’t good either.  So it didn’t look like we would meet that goal.  I just didn’t see it happening.  I was losing hope.  Then I said it out loud to the hubster.  And I lost hope even more saying it out loud.  We had messed up.  We would still hit the goal, but not in the time frame.  I just didn’t see how it would work.

Then . . . THEN . . I heard something.  Do you ever hear God?  I mean, it wasn’t audible.  But it wasn’t my thoughts that just popped in to my head that were contrary to everything I had been thinking and feeling!  I had lost hope because I was planning just on what I could do myself.  What about God?  Have you ever heard that saying – Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you?  I love that saying.  I had left God out of the equation!

Yes, we had screwed up a little and gotten off our plan.  But, our mistakes don’t limit God!  Like, ever.  That never happens.  Our mistakes never, NEVER limit God.

And even another goal, one with a much closer timeline, I was planning on one way and only one way to make it happen.  And then there was that same God-inspired thought, what if we did without relying on our current plan?  Well the answer is simple, WE can’t.  But God can.

Do you ever feel your hope rising?  I do.

Tonight I am thankful that we are not alone in this world.  I am thankful that God’s hope is so much more bigger and so much more full of grace than my hope ever could be.  I am so very thankful that God’s goals are so much more bigger and so much more full of grace than my goals ever could be!


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