I’ve had plans for a fence for many years . . pretty much since we moved in to this house.  I have had that “Mom-Worry” about kids playing in the front yard and just accidentally backing in to the road.  Silly “Mom-Worry”, I know.

But the cars go flying down this road sometimes.  And the yard is even with the road, no dips or hills.

The hubster and I never could agree on a fence.  Well, maybe some sort of natural fence.  Yeah, like some shrubs, and we could fill them in with flowers!  I’m not that much of a green-thumb.  So, they will have to be hardy shrubs and hardy flowers!

This year I did talk the hubster in to it!  AND we have a budget envelope for outside work with the patio.  Yesterday we stopped at Home Depot to get some supplies for our patio renovation and found all the shrubs and trees were on sale 50% off!!!  We bought four.  We came home and planted them.  They look great!  We stopped today and bought six more for the other side of the front yard.  Plus, the hubster had gift cards to Home Depot  that he’s been collecting from birthday and Father’s Day gifts!

So far we’ve bought $280 worth of shrubs for only $70 with the 50% off and using the hubster’s gift card collection!

Tonight I am thankful for a great deal on a natural fence!  We have some perennials behind the barn that will be dug up and come up front in between the shrubs and we will be finished!  Ta-Da!!



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