We had talked about going to the lake today.  Heaven knows it was hot enough for it!  But we decided to stay home and relax instead!

Well . . I don’t relax well.

The animals woke me up.  Early this morning, the air was cooler.  I woke up my two oldest to go on a bike ride.  We are somewhere around 6 weeks until our 15 mile bike race and we haven’t been practicing.  So we were off!  Kind of.  By the time both of them were up, dressed, and the bikes ready, it had been warming up.  I told them our starting goal was straight down and back, around 5ish miles.  On our way we took a different route.  We ended up going 7.8 miles . . in hot weather.  I would say we did pretty good for their first time out this year!  Back home, yes we rested for a bit.  After spraying ourselves off with the hose and taking cool showers!

The hubster and I went and got some groceries together.  We came back home and rested.  Then we made dinner.  Then rested!  Then it was off to fireworks!

Tonight I am thankful for a restful day!  Seriously, I’m not great at resting all day.  But at least today was resting in spurts!  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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