Just days ago I wrote about how the hubster was willing to sell his fantastic truck to help with our financial plan.  Well tonight, merely THREE days later, the truck is sold!!

I’ll be honest, I love that truck!  It is great to drive!  And it is all sorts of useful.  But, we don’t need it.  And really, with where we are at right now in our overall financial plan, we really don’t need it.  We bought it a little prematurely because it was just such a sweet truck 😉

“Adults devise a plan and follow it.  Children do what feels good”.  Well we had done what felt good.  And now we have been back on our plan.

This is a very teachable life moment to the kids.  We talked openly with them about how we shouldn’t have bought that truck yet.  And when you realize that you make a mistake, you fix it . . even and especially as adults.

So tonight, to take the sting off of the truck going to a new owner soon, we went out for dinner.  We talked about going in to a restaurant and sitting down.  Instead we picked up a pizza and took the puppy to the park.  I have to say, it was a nice choice.  There was a cool breeze blowing thru the park.  The kids and the puppy had lots of fun.  And the pizza was delicious!

Tonight I am thankful for fixing a mistake.  I told the kids, we’ll buy another truck some day . . with cash . . when we’ve budgeted for it and put it in the financial plan!  For tonight, the calm, peaceful evening with a picnic dinner in the cool evening air was just about perfect!

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