I remember many years ago when I was being bombarded with non-profit mailings.  I wasn’t sure on a few companies.  I talked to my mom and told her that I really wanted to support one of the causes with the veterans.  My mom said she believed it was the Disabled American Veterans that had helped my grandpa with a wheelchair when he needed one.  That sealed it for me, and I’ve been supporting them thru the years.

This year I have seen what a blessing they can be to a veteran with a disability.  I’ve been accompanying my Marky on a variety of visits and jumping thru hoops.  I can honestly say, that I’m not sure how a veteran would get everything done without the VA, when working thru this excessive system.

Today we had a couple more appointments.  These were appointments that did not involve the DAV.  And I am still rather astounded at why some people take a job.  There are jobs all over.  Find one you are passionate about.  If you take a job for the money, and you have no heart in the game – it shows.

Tonight I am thankful that along this journey with the VA and DAV, we have encountered several people who are passionate about their jobs and passionate about helping veterans.  And today even the crappy people, who forget that they are speaking to another human being, I will be thankful that they have not been the majority here.  And their existence makes the ones who do care, stand out even more!

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