I was on the fence, until yesterday, about going to the auction today.  Honestly the thing that decided it for me was that there was also a regular sale going on.  And this particular auction company, when they have a sale simultaneously, usually has the sale items go 50% off on the last sale date.  Today was no exception!

We had to make two trips to bring back our new treasures!  The most exciting part was when I took an approximate slightly used retail price inventory of the new treasures.  According to my calculations (some prices guessed based on prior knowledge and some researched via google), I saved around $1000 today!!

I love saving money!  And I especially love saving A LOT of money!!

More than half of the purchases were for my newest business endeavour (which will be announced here soon!  As soon as the legal ends are tied up!).

I have much pride in the fact that my businesses have never been in debt.  A few months in to learning appraising, when I switched mentors, I did take out a $1000 personal loan to afford my own license of the appraising software.  And that’s it!  That was 13 1/2 years ago.  No business credit cards.  No business loans.  And this next branch of business will carry on this legacy!  The way I figured it back then (and am absolutely sure of now!) a business brings enough things to worry about; why add financial instability with payments owed to that list?

Tonight I am so very thankful for the amazing deals on our items today!  I am currently scoping out a few more deals!  We’ll be ready to roll on the first plans for the new business before the ink dries on the paperwork!!


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