My kids are a little old (perhaps) for Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Oh, they used to love it there!

I called them around my computer today and asked them what they thought about going to the Bear store.  Three of them shook their hands back and forth like “meh”.  The fourth just stared at me.

Then I showed them that there is a sale and you can pay what your age is!  That got them a bit more excited!

So here’s some cool things.  #1, the kids are very conscious of our budget and our debt free journey.  I have heard a few different comments from the kids about how much things cost.  Now, they don’t stay up at night worrying or anything!  Don’t get me wrong here!  But they get that we have a goal and that we are working hard towards our goal.  So, they were on board with the cheaper price!

#2, the kids remember to still kids!  Ok, a talking stuffed animal is not at the top of their list anymore.  But, we could go have some fun and get a talking stuffed animal at a fun price.  Yes, they are in.

Tonight I am thankful for a fun way to do something usually cheaper that is usually more expensive.  I am also thankful that the kids humor me with fun outings 🙂


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