I’ve been working on a reset.

Last year I made some big changes with my work stuff.  And I’ve slowly been slipping back in to the old habits.  The things put in place to keep myself a saner, more rested person . . I’ve just been inching further and further away from them.

So, it’s time to change back!

And I have to tell you, it’s feeling good!  Nothing much has changed yet.  It’s still a little after 11pm and I am still working on finishing my last report due in today.  But, I’ve turned the wheel!  The direction I’m heading in is better than where I’m coming from!

Tonight I am thankful for the decision to Reset!  It should have been an easy decision.  But, it took me awhile.  I’m stubborn.  Yep.  But I get there eventually.  And the steps taken towards resetting the schedule today have felt good!

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