The kids and I went out for free Slurpees today at 7-Eleven!

I’ve seen the free Slurpees advertised for several years.  I’ve never wanted to fight thru the crowds for flavored ice.  Last year I had one child with me for an orthodontist appointment.  We were driving by a 7-Eleven on 7/11 and stopped in.  We only had a handful of people in front of us.  And the whole experience was rather nice.

So this year the kids and I were on a mission!  We were headed to the closest 7-Eleven, which happens to be in an area of some big road construction.  The line was backed up about a mile in the construction with three stop lights.  And the line barely moved.  So we turned around.

We then went to the next closest 7-Eleven.  We would not be defeated!!  We got to that store and found chaos.  No parking spaces in the 7-Eleven parking lot OR the restaurant next door.  Cars were pulling in and out like crazy, searching for a place to park.

Part of a good plan is having a good Plan B.  We went to the newer gas station across from the 7-Eleven.  Two kids picked Icees.  And two kids picked milk shakes from a Milk Shake Machine!  I had no idea there was such a thing!  I opted for a pink lemonade and we brought home chocolate milk for the hubster.  So instead of free Slurpees, we spend a tad over $10 at the gas station.

Tonight I am thankful for a good Plan B!  Everyone got a cold treat; and we didn’t wait hours for flavored ice!  I told the kids, this is why it is good we save money elsewhere . . so when we opt to spend money on a treat, we don’t feel at all bad about it!!

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