We’ve learned a hard lesson here at our homestead.  When we first added goats several years ago, I felt prepared.  We had goats while I was growing up.  I could take care of them.  The bigger animals would help keep the chickens safe.  It was a good plan!

We got a pair of older goats.  The lady wasn’t exactly sure how old they were.  But she knew they were fairly old.  When we added the Alpaca, it was the same way.  He was older too.  When they passed away, it was sad.  But, not entirely unexpected.

We had two goat babies from our older pair of goats.  When they died, it was unexpected.  And we learned about Raccoon Roundworm.  If an infected raccoon potties on hay and the animals eat the hay, they get a disease that affects their nervous system, amongst other things.  And apparently,  we have raccoons with roundworm around here.

After a time of missing our goats and learning why they died; we were ready to try again.  With some searching, we found the right new additions to add to our family.

Tonight I am thankful for the additions of Smores, Bubbles, Finley, and Keldeo.  Three girls and one boy, no one is related.  Babies hopefully to come next spring.  All goat food will be kept in a secure area, and all raccoons will be removed!!


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