I was talking with a friend today and had a wonderful revelation.

It’s been about a year since a friendship of mine ended.  Truly it has started unraveling before a year ago.  But the big end has been about a year.  And it is interesting (for lack of a better word), how a little distance has cleared up my vision about the situation.

I think we all do this at one time or another; we see a person for who they could be, maybe even for who they claim to be.  And we want very much to believe that the person is all the good things.  We want to believe it so much that we ignore warnings.

I personally had ignored several warning.  And I see them now.

A year ago I was very hurt.  I had believed in my friend.  And when it hit me how little my friendship truly meant . . . well it was hard.

But today, a year later, I feel peace.  I really do.  It feels good and very freeing.  I pray for my former friend.  I pray regularly for her to find peace.

Tonight, with my clearer vision of what had actually happened, I am thankful for space and boundaries with my former friend.  I am thankful that the friendship has ended; I believe the ending was for the best, now seeing what the friendship actually was.  I am thankful for the lessons that it taught me.  And most of all, I am thankful for the peace that I now have about it all.  Some days the peace leaves me; but I’ve found that praying for her peace brings my peace back a whole lot faster!

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