I Promise

I woke up exhausted again today.  My body has been recovering from a little episode last Thursday evening.

I will admit, that I do not know exactly what was wrong.  And no, I did not go in to the doctor.  ONLY because it was later in the evening and I would have had to go to the emergency room.  And although there was a huge amount of pain, I really, really didn’t want to go to the emergency room.  If urgent care or a redi care were open, I would have went there.  Is the kind of thing that I would scold others for not going in over?  Absolutely.  So, call me a hypocrite if you’d like.  Go ahead, I’m ready.  I see it.

With the wonderful power of the internet.  I am about 75% sure it was gall stones.  It was some big pain.  It hit on the night that the family and I had went to walk the ledges at Grand Ledge.  The pain had started on the drive there and was way worse once we made it there.  The hubster really wanted me to sit in the car.  But, I’m stubborn.  There is a thin line between stubborn and stupid – I may have crossed it.  I shuffled my feel along like a little old lady, while holding on to my stomach and stopping regularly to take some measured breaths.  I can handle pain.  I had four babies with no medication and we’d gone all that way – I’d been waiting for a family trip to those Ledges!  I gobbled some ibuprofen from my purse and pushed on.  I was going to walk there!  (Again, yes I know . . thin line between stubborn and stupid).

On the excruciating ride home, I was contemplating the emergency room.  I truly was.  I was scouring the internet for information.  Did you know that fasting (like I’ve been doing) can greatly increase your chances of gall stones?  And estrogen increases your chances.  Well . . I’m a girl.   Ladies are far greater likely to get stones than men.  Yep.  That sucks.

I read that apple cider vinegar can help with gall stones.  Sources said it can help prevent them and help break them up.  When we got home I gobbled down the apple cider vinegar.  I have bought capsules of dried apple cider vinegar for years now, since I discovered how great it is to help with sinuses.  I promised the hubster that if I had another big episode of pain that I would go right in.

Here I am now, days later.  I am still taking plenty of apple cider vinegar every day.  My body is still fairly exhausted from what happened.  The pain is pretty much gone now.  I would love to get some energy back.  But I know I’m still healing.

Tonight I am thankful that whatever happened did not get worse or come back to that level of pain.  I am thankful for ibuprofen.  And I am super thankful that the apple cider vinegar has apparently been working wonders inside my body.

And yes, I promise to all of you in internet land that if I have another big episode of pain, that I will go right in for help!


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