Third Time

First off I have to report that I am going to the doctor’s office tomorrow at 3pm.  Thank you for all reaching out.  You got to me ❤  Thank you.

Speaking of doctors . . today I took the puppy in to the puppy doctor.  He is 2 1/2 months old.  He has gained 10 pounds since coming home to live with us!

The big thing is, the boy is smart!  This was his third trip to the vet.  And he has already figured out that if only myself and my daughter are in the car with him, that he is going to the vet.  He started whining as soon as we were in the car!  He hasn’t acted like this going to the lake or the park or to visit people.  So today, we bribed the dog.

He did great at the vet!  We got back in the car and he started whining again.  He was fairly upset until we pulled in to the McDonald’s drive thru line.  He got a sniff of the food and was instantly excited!  He had his very first sausage biscuit this morning and he loved it!  And maybe next time he’ll be a little less upset about the vet!  🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a healthy, growing puppy!  And I am thankful for food to bribe the healthy, growing puppy to be more favorable to the vet!




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