The “N” Word

I did something today that I’ve always wondered about.  I once bought a Groupon even . . but I never used it.

Yes, today I had a massage.  I’ve wanted to try one for several years.  I’ve had a chair massage before . . that was ok.  My girls had chair massages about a week ago in a studio.  The studio seemed nice, the lady was nice, and I thought I’d sign myself up.

I have nothing to compare her to, but I think she was good.  Regardless, massages are just not my thing.  You want to know why?  The “N” word . . yep . . I mean Naked.  I had on my lower undies and that was all . . weird.  Ok, yes, I knew on some level that massages are that way.  I’ve seen advertisement pictures and movies.  But, in the moment of being asked to remove clothing today . .  it was wierd.

To those who enjoy massages, I am happy for you!  I just could not relax well.

Tonight I am thankful that I can say I have now officially had a massage!  That one is crossed off my list!  What next?  Shall I learn to weld?  Go skydiving?  Only time will tell 😉

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