God’s Plan B

I remember hearing someone speaking many years ago.  I don’t remember who it was or where it was.  But I remember the message.  They talked about God’s perfect will and his acceptable will.

The message was how God has a perfect will.  And in God’s perfect will, things happen as he has planned.  Of course those things work out beyond what we could even think!!  I mean, can you imagine!

Then there is his acceptable will.  And I forget how the speaker described it, but it was along the lines of: this is when we, as people, screw up the perfect plan and God saves the day.  God’s Plan B, if you will.  It isn’t what he originally planned for us.  But he’ll make it great anyway.

I will never be able to fully explain how much more I feel like I understand God – and I know that my understanding is only a smidgen of who he is – being a parent.  I know how I feel and think and love my children.  And to know that it is microscopic to how he feels, thinks, and loves us, as his children, it’s simply unfathomable.  But, I know watching my children that I have had plans for them.  For instance, when we walk down the street, my plan is for them to watch for cars, uneven sidewalk, trees, etc.  They don’t always do that.  So sometimes they trip.  They may get a scratch on their knee.  It is not what I intended for them.  But, in this Plan B moment, I’ll hold their hand and we’ll walk forward a little more aware.  The acceptable plan is to get a Momma-hug, learn, be aware, and do better.  And that is an example of my portion as a parent.

But God is our heavenly parent.  How much more can he do with a Plan B?  He’ll make it look like a Plan A+++++.  If we let him.  We act sometimes like we screwed up so bad that God doesn’t want to be there anymore.

I can tell you that never, never, never once when my child hasn’t listened to me and have fallen; never have I told them to go away from me.  Sometimes they won’t come hold my hand.  Sometimes I watch them stumble on and get hurt again.  I’m always there if they turn around.  I’d still love to hold their hand.  And that’s me . . how much more is God there waiting to hold our hands and offer his very best Plan B?

Tonight I am thankful that we can never screw up so bad that God doesn’t love us.  I am thankful that we can never make such a mess of things that God can’t fix it.  And I am thankful that we can never hide so far that God can’t see us.  He is there.  Waiting for us to turn around.  Even when we’ve turned from his perfect will.  He has his acceptable will.  His “Plan B”.  And it’s so much more amazing than we could ever imagine . . if we let him in to share it.


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