Child Labor

I had a goal to expand my social media knowledge.  My children have been requesting that I learn more for a while so that they would be allowed to expand their social media usage.  Because, if I don’t know how it works, they can’t have it – House Rule!

Well, we found a way to learn together!  I have hired two of my children to be my social media consultants for my business!  Today Facebook got to see my new Twitter.  Phase II  of Instagram and Youtube will be out soon.

People always joke that if you need help with technology to find a kid, right?  Well, I did that 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a productive and collaborative learning experience here in our house!  I hope to be much smarter in a short while!  While I hope the kiddos learn the logistical side of social media and what really happens in that sphere of internet land!

And here’s a picture of the sky tonight!  It has nothing to do with social media.  But it was a beautiful moment that I was surely thankful for this evening!


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