Middle School

Demolition began on the old middle school today!

There are a lot of mixed reactions in the online community.  I’ve been rather quiet about it.  Because here’s the thing.  It’s a building.

I did go to that middle school.  No, I don’t have great memories there.  Some of the worst school years of my life were spent in that building.  I don’t blame the building though.  I don’t blame the other kids.  I don’t blame myself.  It was middle school.  The building was brick and mortar.  The other kids were moody pre-teens and teenagers.  I was a quiet and shy moody pre-teenager.

So many people are writing about things that happened decades ago.  I have no emotional attachment either way.  That time happened.  But it’s not a period frozen forever in that building.

I’ve been in the middle school recently.  It is not the same as when I went there.  It wasn’t a walk down memory lane.  It has changed; as all things do with time.

Here’s what I do know about the present.  I’ve read the building report from a short while back.  And I have children that attend that middle school.  I don’t like reading about structural instability in a building that hundreds of people go thru every day, including MY children!  And I will have middle school children for the next four years!  I want them in a building that is safe.

For a living, I sometimes go in to structurally unsound buildings.  Guess what, if I wanted my children in a building that could collapse underneath them; I’d take them to work with me!  No, I want them safe.

Tonight I am thankful for the memories I have in the middle school.  They aren’t grand; but they are mine.  They are a part of my life and my growing up.  They helped shape me in to who I am today.  If I hadn’t gotten sick and tired of being so quiet from the embarrassing times in middle school; I never would have tried to find more of my own voice in high school and beyond!

And I am extra, super thankful for a safe building for my children to attend school in!  The old middle school was historic, pretty and meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people – (and it will always mean different things to different people, as it will live on in their countless photos and memories).  It also would have slowly became an increasing threat to safety of the children in this area.  It served a noble and great purpose for a many number of years.  Here’s a big Thank You to the old middle school for all it has done!  And a big Thank You to the new one for all that it will do in years to come!

And for giggles, here’s a cringe-worthy flashback to 6th grade . ..  .

6th grade

2 thoughts on “Middle School”

  1. That’s the Jessie I remember…I am always sad to here students didn’t have good memories…wish I could have changed them for you.


    1. Thank you 🙂 The teachers were never the problem! Towards the end of 6th grade my group of friends called me one night to say that none of them wanted to be my friend anymore – that they wanted to be more popular and they couldn’t do that if they were friends with me. Then they spread a rumor about me to the rest of the grade. I had about 2 friends in 7th and 8th grade. The teachers were always nice 🙂 And I was very fortunate that I have an amazing mom who spent lots of time helping me understand that I was plenty good enough, just as I was.
      It worked towards a good end. I decided going in to high school that I was not going to spend the next 4 years of my life that way. So I made myself talk to people.


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