Two or three years ago we went canoeing down the river with the kids.  At the time we picked too long of a route (for the kiddos).  Last year I really wanted to go again, but with a shorter route.  The problem was that the road was closed to the shorter drop off point . . . like for MONTHS!  I waited and waited for the road to open up.  But, I think it was closer to Christmas.

This summer, there was nothing stopping us!  And today was the day!  I was so excited!  I love the water.  And going down the river is so peaceful!  Yes, even with the whole family 😉  We didn’t get stuck at all!  Only the other canoe got stuck . . *cough*  hubster and girls *cough* 😉  And we went close enough in the shallow part for our middle rider to reach in and grab shells from the river bottom!

Tonight I am thankful that we got to go canoeing today!!  We talked about maybe doing kayaks . . but we hadn’t budgeted for six rentals!  I told the kids we can budget and save up for six rentals and maybe next time, we’ll do kayaks 🙂


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