Life . . Specifically Parenting

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to those who are searching for the magic sauce to making life’s gears line up precisely – there is no magic sauce.  There ya go.  You’re Welcome.  Good night 🙂

Seriously though, there isn’t.  Starting as a free-spirit, list-despising, calendar-slacking individual; I went thru a phase, as a mom of four, trying to find this magical organization to have the house clean, clothes clean, meals prepared, schedules organized, and everyone in bed on time.  It’s not there.  And I was a cranky, sleep-deprived mess.

I have tried many things throughout the years to keep everyone on track.  We have went thru several different chore routines and tracking scenarios.  We don’t always remember to make dinner (but a popcorn dinner never hurt anyone!).  And I’m fairly sure that I don’t even give people the correct socks anymore when doing laundry . . fortunately they are old enough to raid mine and the hubster’s sock drawers for their footwear needs.

Today, in the quest to continue to strive toward a live-able semblance of organization, I have changed the household calendar. *que trumpet music!*  During the school year I keep my google calendar for my days, a family cozi-app calendar for electronic viewing of only family stuff, and paper calendars that hang in the kitchen and live on my desk.  That is TOO MUCH!  Everyone is on google now.  I created a new google account just for family events to share on their calendars and not bombard them with my work stuff tied to my calendar.  This family google calendar will be printed out once a week with dinners written at the bottom and who will be making them.

I have tried for a while now to bring the family in on the dinner making.  That can be a problem when I don’t have the schedule up to date, or in front of me.  I tend to put people on evenings when they aren’t available or don’t have time to make the dinner that I have put for that night.   So we are now going to write it directly on to the calendar.  Except that . . tonight . . I had myself making turkey for dinner.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Mmmm!  Around 11ish I thought I should put it in the oven.  Um . . . it was still in the freezer.  My daughter bailed me out and made dinner instead.  Whew!

Tonight I am thankful for the next, latest and greatest calendar strategy for keeping the family on track and fed!  Here’s my philosophy for this life and parenting stuff and how to do a great job – just don’t stop trying to do better 🙂  That’s what makes you great!

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