Yesterday my daughter was having a rough time.

What she did next made my heart smile.  She went online and tried to brighten other people’s’ days.  And she said it made her in a better mood!

There are times when all of us focus so much on ourselves, our moods, our disappointments, our tiredness, our mistakes, etc. etc.  We do this so much that we drag ourselves down.  And lots of times, we look around when we are down there to see who will drag us back up.  But a wonderful thing happens when you start dragging yourself back up from such a place; if you reach out and offer to help others up too, your ascend becomes a lighter and faster journey!

We were never meant to think mostly of ourselves.  That’s just not how we were designed.  If you doubt this, try thinking of others with a generous heart, expecting nothing in return.  It’ll just click with your soul.

Tonight I am thankful and proud of my daughter’s choice yesterday when she was in a “meh” mood herself.  ❤

*If you need a little help with giving inspiration, I recent purchased a book called “When Action Follows Heart, 365 Ways to Share Kindness” by Susan Spencer.  It has one idea per day that a reader could put in to action in their own lives to spread kindness to others ❤


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