Budget Fun!

Tonight we went to the fair!  Although we love our animals here at the house, the kids don’t show them at the fair.  But, we do go have a fun fair night every year!

We had a family meeting a couple of nights ago and talked about fair night.  I told the kids that they have been very spoiled with our evenings at the fair in years past.  This is due to the fact that their father and I are suckers.  Seriously.  We love the games and all the food.  We turn in to big kids on the midway too.  Last year we blew way too much money there!

This year, we had a plan.  Remember a budget doesn’t mean that we can’t have any fun!  A budget just means that we are telling our money where to go, instead of wondering where it went!  The plan started with entry fees to the fair.  Each kid had done the summer reading program at the local library.  They each had earned a packet of coupons.  The coupons contained a free entry to the fair and one free ride.  So that is four children in to the fair for free.  The hubster and I had to pay our entry fees.

We ordered the unlimited ride wristbands online early thru the fair’s website.  This saved around $5 per wristband (I think it  was $7 savings each, but I didn’t write it down).  Each kid got a wristband and I got their ride coupons thru the library program!  The hubster doesn’t do the rides.  So we were good.

And then, the hardest part of all, we each had an alloted amount of money to spend on games and food!  Some kids chose to spend extra of their own personal money.  That was up to them.  We were only providing a set amount and that was it.  A very hard part was telling myself that That Was It!  I like the games!  And I still like stuffed animals!

Tonight I am thankful that with a little preparation and a plan, we saved over half of what we spent at the fair last year!  Last year, we were off our budget around fair time.  We were fairly shocked when we came home and added up what we had just spent!  This year we stayed on our budget!  There were no trips to the ATM, so conveniently placed on the midway!  And we still had a fantastic time this evening!  I am thankful for that fun-ness too!



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